Bolen Property Maintenance

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Meet the Contractor

Justin Bolen
Residential Building Contractor

I have always been the guy people call on when they have a question or need help with starting, doing and finishing a project. I grew up with tools in my hands and a desire to fix and create things. Growing up in a family that had farmers, mechanics and do-it-yourself'ers I was always around projects and couldn't help (or was forced into) lending a helping hand.

I have enjoyed doing everything from changing light bulbs and fixtures to building houses. The process of the project is what I enjoy the most about doing this kind of work. How things all have to fit together just right to make the finished product turn out the way it does has always fascinated me and has inspired me to continue learning how to make it better everytime.

Not every project is a big project all the time, but they all need to be done.  Knowing people need help with everyday tasks such as changing light bulbs, hanging pictures, changing light fixtures and changing batteries in smoke detectors is why I started this business.  I like to do the big projects as well and I will be happy to discuss all of the items on your "To Do" list that I can do for you.

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